Episode# 1: Where to begin…

After much anticipation, Episode# 1 is finally up! Take a listen and let us know what you think.



We start off our “tips and tricks” segment with three simple things that EVERY World of Warcraft player should know. How to turn on Instant Quest Text, how to put your character on auto-run and finally, should you buy that gear from your local neighborhood vendor? We also decided to throw in a wee little breakdown of all the different “levels” of gear and their corresponding colors.


In this weekly segment, we dedicate some time to recommending addons that we feel are helpful for new players. Starting off, we thought we’d explain what the HECK addons (or mods) really are, how to install them and whether they’re a form of cheating in-game!


Finally, we wrap up our “pilot episode” with some annoucements surrounding our guild, the Ministry of Truth. Big leveling news as Snarlstorm gets his first character to 60 and Lunura does her best to catch me at 70 (wink, wink). Plus we talk a little bit about “vanilla-WoW” dungeons and how they can STILL be a very enjoyable part of the game!


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“The Starting Zone: A WoW Podcast”

Howdy folks,

If you’re reading this, then somehow you stumbled upon the home page for “The Starting Zone”. This is the official site of the Podcast devoted to providing new players (Noobs) with helpful information about how to make World of Warcraft even more enjoyable than it already is. We will feature segments that include tips for faster leveling, important play style strategies, information on addons, coverage of WoW events, and the occasional witty banter you come to expect from any of your other favorite podcasts.

Hosted by Jesse Kobayashi (aka Takaos on the Winterhoof Server) and Mick Montgomery (aka SnarlStorm on the Winterhoof Server).

Oh, and this is by the way the official podcast of the “Ministry of Truth” Guild on the Winterhoof server. For more information on everyone’s favorite guild for newbies and mature players, check out the Guild Website.