Episode #156: Warcraft Movie Review Cross Over

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Episode #156 of The Starting Zone: Warcraft Movie Review Cross Over is ready for Download! The World of Warcraft Podcast for New Players and Experienced Players is back to talk about Blizzard Entertainment’s MMORPG video game, you know, the one we all love!

This week Mick Montgomery  isjoined by Spencer Downey, Jason Lucas and Darrell Goodwin from Super Heroic and David Troy from Netfreaks!

MOVIE REVIEW: This week we are doing something kind of special! We are Reviewing the WARCRAFT MOVIE, but normally on The Starting Zone, we do not do Movie Reviews, so we thought we would bring over some of the CREW from SUPER HEROIC to  talk about the film! This is a CROSS OVER SHOW! So, if it sounds a LOT like Super Heroic, there is a REASON for that!

If you are interested in a show about Movies and TV Shows based on Comic Books, then Super Heroic is your JAM, Stan! Check out the show, we produce about 2 – 3 podcasts weekly over there!

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