Mick Screwed Up, Sorry About the Spam, New Website Though!

Disappointed Child

I had hoped that the Launch of our NEW WEBSITE would have been a glorious achievement of wonder and celebration. We had worked REALLY hard on it, and were proud of the new site. Our old site was TUMBLR based, and it had definite limitations. Back in 2010 we moved to Tumblr due to issues on another server. As our show grew we wanted to do more with the site and decided to abandon the Tumblr Account and migrate to a NEW SITE.

During the process of Migrating the Posts today one of us (Me…. errr… Mick) forgot to turn off the sharing settings for the site. This meant that as the posts were imported and published they posted out to Twitter and Facebook all at once, and everyone was inundated with Posts until I was able to make the change.

Essentially, I accidentally turned on a fire hose and then scrambled to figure out how to shut the firehose off. It was very keystone Cops and yes, there was considerable sweating involved. I feel embarassed and I apologize for the inconvenience. I cannot blame this one on an intern, because the intern is on vacation. That is why this probably happened. Also, please, stop bothering ALT with the issues on today’s site. She had nothing to do with it. This was a 100% Cluster Mick.

Oh, yeah, we have a NEW SITE, Our new site will contain much of the same stuff you have seen in the past from us, and hopefully some new things as well. It is a bit more flexible and dynamic than the old site, but of course you tell us what you think. Now, I am going to finish editing this, post it, and go drink myself into a coma.

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