New Hosts of The Starting Zone Revealed on Episode 160

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We just posted Episode 160 about twenty minutes ago. It is a good little epiosde about the recent news in and around The World of Warcraft. So, give it a listen. There were also a couple of important things that were announced during the episode. First, this was my last LIVE SHOW as executive producer an host of The Starting Zone! We still have one more special episode where I say goodbye on my terms, but this was the Last episode where I would have the opportunity to broadcast the show Live!

I was also able to do that with the two gentlemen who will take up the reigns on the show after I leave. This was the other important announcement! Spencer Downey (aka Sparker Bouncy) will be taking over the Executive Producer role on the show. Spencer’s involvement in The Starting Zone has grown a ton since he jumped on board as a contributor in early 2015. Also, he is also my co-host on Super Heroic, and has shown that he has both the mic skills and behind the mic skills to produce this show weekly. As a Player, he has a TON of experience as a Leader within the Convert To Raid Guild. He has also played as a High End Raider over his career in World of Warcraft.

Jason Lucas will also be carrying on as a regular contributor on the show, as he has been over the past several months. Jason cares a ton about the World of Warcraft Community. He is a guild leader and mythic raider, and he has a ton of experience and insight into the game and Blizzard Entertainment. Just bug him about Starcraft 2. Just do it, I dare you.

Also, Contributors like Chris “Cuddles” Case, Tyler Rivers and Kris Ahlaman will continue to make appearances on the show. I would also expect to hear some BRAND NEW VOICES AS WELL during the next few weeks!

Now, I know for some LONG TIME listeners of this show. It may feel weird that I am no longer the voice of The Starting Zone. But Guess what! TSZ was never JUST about me… or Jesse for that matter. It was about providing a space for people to learn about World of Warcraft. That torch should be carried on by whomever is qualified and willing to carry it. I have a LOT of faith in these guys. I trust them a ton, and I think they will take this show to a great space. They will give you information and observations about this game, that I could never give you. So, I think in some ways. It’s an upgrade!

My Final Goodbye Show will be out soon. I’ll share my final thoughts on WOW and TSZ during that show. For now, Let’s give a round of applause to the New Hosts of The Starting Zone!

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