The First Ever SUPER FANTASTIC AWESOME SPAZBOT STUDIOS HOLIDAY SHOW  is ready for Download! Our Holiday show was hosted by Mick Montgomery and features segments from every single Spazbot Studios Podcast currently in production including!

The Starting Zone which you can find on iTunes! Special Appearances by Chris “Cuddles” Case, Spencer Downey and Jason Lucas with a special pre-recorded piece by ALT from Alternative Chat!

Dead Fans Talking which you can find on iTunes! Special appearance by Wendy Maybury with a special Pre-Recorded piece by Jarret LeMaster.

Super Heroic  which you can find on iTunes! Special appearances by Ryan “TBKzord” Reider, Ty Prunty, Javier “Dukrous” Heredia, David Troy, and Darrell Goodwin!

Stormcast which you can find on iTunes! Special appearances by Willie “Dills” Gregory and Notch from Another Notch Gaming!

Special Thanks to Darrell Goodwin and Javier “Dukrous” Heredia for helping coordinate our PRIZE Giveaways!

Audio Engineering for the Spazbot Holiday show provided by Spencer Downey!

We had an ABSOLUTE BLAST hanging out with our Fans and Handing out some Epic Prizes provided by Tyler Rivers, Kris Ahlman and our Sponsors JINX.COM and GUNNAR OPTIKS!

The Spazbot Studios Holiday Show 2015 was produced by Spazbot Studios, Good Shows by Good People Visit them today!

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About Mick Montgomery aka Snarl

Founder of Spazbot Studios.
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