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By now you may or MAY NOT have read this article over at Spazbot Studios main page regarding upcoming changes for The Starting Zone. If you have not read it, we encourage you to do that now! Just Click here!

I am stepping away as Co-Host and Executive Producer for The Starting Zone. This was an incredibly difficult decision for me to make, but in the end it was the right decision. For more details on why I am stepping away, you can read this post over at my personal blog.  Just know this, it is for ALL the right reasons. I am leaving to work on a tremendous opportunity. An opportunity I would NEVER have been able to do without this show and without World of Warcraft. That is a crazy thing to say, but it is true!

Alt is stepping away from the show as well. She has brought so much to our show over the past year, and I am so thankful for her contributions. In many ways, I feel I stole her away from her own projects and work to work with me on TSZ, and now she is going to continue on with those projects. I am excited to see what she will do next, as she is incredibly talented and has a tremendous voice for both this game and this community of players. I want to thank her for all she has done for our show and our community since she stepped into the role of co-host. She has been terrific, and I could not have asked for a better co-host.

You may wonder what is next for The Starting Zone. I must confess, the timing of all of this is very awkward. I felt after we did Episode 150, I had a renewed sense of purpose for this show and the conversation around World of Warcraft. However, here and now, my purpose has changed. Does that mean that The Starting Zone is going to end?

I have yet to answer that question, but here is what I know now. I am speaking with individuals about potentially continuing on with this show without myself or Alt. Those conversations have been exciting. However, at this stage I cannot reveal any confirmed details about whether TSZ will continue or whether it will simply shut down. My hope is that the show can move forward with out me.

While I understand that I have been the a consistent voice on this show for the past Seven Years, that does not mean I am the ONLY voice who can continue to provide valuable information and entertainment to the World of Warcraft Community. I think that there is an opportunity for TSZ to move on without me, and if that is the right decision, I will do everything I can to help the new Producing / Hosting Team as they take the reigns for this show.

In closing, I want thank all of you for support, your kind thoughts, your emails, your tweets, you reviews, your passion. You have given me more than you know, and I am so grateful that I was able to be a part of this show. The future is bright, My Friends.

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