The Starting Zone A World of Warcraft Podcast LogoThe Starting Zone is a World of Warcraft Podcast for New and Experienced Players! The show started in 2009 with co-hosts Jesse Kobayashi and Mick Montgomery sharing helpful tips on how to play World of Warcraft . The show was very popular in its first year cracking the top 20 iTunes Podcasts for World of Warcraft  while also being featured in the New and Notable Section upon its debut! Currently The Starting Zone is in the top 10 World of World of Warcraft  on iTunes and enjoying its largest subscription rate to date! The show has adjusted over the years to include content for more experienced World of Warcraft players as well as new and casual World of Warcraft  players! So, whether you enjoy World of Warcraft Raiding, Hardcore PvP or perhaps you are rolling your toon for the very first time, we think you will really enjoy The Starting Zone: A World of Warcraft Podcast!

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